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The day I remember most vividly is not the day I won a prize, but the day my parents decided to cut dance out of my life. Although I can only recall it through blurry eyes, I remember weeping and screaming, pounding the ground with both fists and shouting words I instantly regretted. I had already dressed in my uniform and had one foot out the door when my mom announced the news. Since that moment, I had been regretting that I couldn’t convince my parents to let me continue. It clouded my vision for my future. Looking back after four years, I feel no regret. Because I had quit dance class, I was able to move up a level in choir and start practice during the time I had dance. Compared to the other girls, I was pretty mediocre at the choreography but when I moved to the new choir class, I suddenly felt so happy and excited to be singing with familiar faces. The teacher even let me sing a solo part for our annual concert. I realized that without quitting dance, I wouldn’t have seen this new branch in my life. A year ago, I set a goal to become a skilled dancer, but now, I can say with pride that I have changed that goal into writing music. Having dreams feels great, it gives you a goal to work for and motivates you to hold your head high. Dreams like that are as fleeting as the dreams you have at night. Something happens and you suddenly change your dream into something else. Even if you have invested a lot of time into one subject, the moment you feel like it isn’t right should be the moment you open up to see what your heart tells you to go for. Even if it is something you might not have confidence in, go for it. You have the passion so you will have the will to follow through. Live your dreams!


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