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Raise your wands for Alan Rickman

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As many of you may now know, Alan Rickman died today. He was a great actor and a great person. Although I obviously didn’t know him personally, his death saddens me. I feel very broken inside and am in a state on confusion. To be honest, whenever someone I know, even just a little bit, dies, I get depressed and am not sure to where to go from there. But in those times its important to just remember them. Alan Rickman will always be remembered for the roles he brought…and in my mind he will always be Professor Snape… always

To be honest I am lost for words, I am shocked that this happened. Even though I know this is the cycle of life, I forget. We all know that some day this will happen to all of us, and the people we love. But that is life, we face challenges, big or small, everyday and our want to overcome them is what makes us alive and is our drive to live. Believe me every obstacle can be over comed. Like they say, “if there is a will, there is a way” and we just have to find that way. Our whole life we find ways to get over our everyday obstacles. Obstacles are a part of life, everyone goes through them… the important part is how and if you overcome them.

RIP Alan Rickman, Hope you are in a better place now… you will always be remembered… ALWAYS




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One thought on “Raise your wands for Alan Rickman

  1. I always find it a shock when they announce someone famous had passed away when you didn’t even realise they were I’ll. Although I do totally respect their right to privacy.

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