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If You Try to be Like Others

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I’m always trying to fit in. I want to look, talk, and walk like everyone else. When I go to events and parties, I observe what other people are doing first, and follow them. Even when I go to my friends’ houses, I feel the need to follow them in what they are doing. If my friend uses a napkin to clean her plate, I’ll do the same. If my friend’s mom asks me how my day has been and my friend responds to the question simply, I’ll respond simply as well. I never let myself be myself. Instead of doing things the way I want them to, I choose to do them the way others do. New people I meet at events don’t know who I really am because I try so hard to be like them. But really, I’m awesome. You are awesome. Everyone is awesome in their own way, and we’re all different too. Why try to be like someone else when you are so awesome? We all look, talk, and walk differently because we were made that way. So let’s not try to fight our own nature and make ourselves feel horrible. You are awesome. Be yourself.

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