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You Are Cared For

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A few months ago, I was randomly feeling down in the dumps. There was no reason to be unhappy. I had a great family, amazing friends, decent grades, and I live in a safe place. However, I just felt lonely and sad. Everyone else seemed to be having fun and hanging out with their friends. My friends were getting together on Halloween to watch some movies, and I just read the group chat. It wasn’t like I wasn’t invited, but no one reached out and asked me if I was coming. I felt forgotten. Every day I would impatiently wait for school to end so I could come home and sing sad songs as I played guitar. I wasn’t depressed and I didn’t feel worthless. Just forgotten and tired and down in the dumps. I wished for someone to chat me up or call me and just remember me. But no one did. Time passed, and I realized that a lot of people did care about me. One of my good friends always chats me up. My parents work all day to provide for me and my siblings. And so much more.

Even when you feel like no one cares about you, so stuck in your own negativity, remember that someone still cares. I care. Your family and friends care. Your teachers care. And we all want the best for you.

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A community dedicated to spreading happiness and comforting those in need.

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