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You Are Worthy

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I sing, and everyone around me praises my singing, but I’ve always wondered if I’ve ever really deserved that praise. All of the people who praised me were my family and friends, people who were somewhat obligated to praise me. This made me doubt myself a lot in singing. One day, however, I went to a karaoke night that my singing teacher hosted, and performed for other students, who were all complete strangers. When I was performing, I saw a girl in the front row who looked completely blown away by my voice. She had the biggest smile on her face as she mouthed the words. Her face made me feel as if I were a famous singer performing. After everyone had performed, she came up to me and, still with that big grin, told me I was amazing. That one comment completely restored faith in my talent. Before that, I didn’t even know if I was actually good at singing and I wasn’t just being lied to, to spare my feelings. But that instance made me realize that I actually was good at singing, and it motivated me to work harder on my singing and start writing songs as well. I always feel as though I could improve more, but since then, I’ve never once felt that I was bad at singing. Sometimes it takes someone else, even a complete stranger, to tell you, but you cannot simply dismiss yourself as not good without truly knowing. Even if you’re not good at one thing, there will always be something that you’re good at.

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